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Inuit place names custom map


Inuit Place Names Map Series of Nunavik

As a request from the Avataq Cultural Institute, I have created a collection of 650 Maps, 1:50.000 scale covering the whole region of Nunavik.

A map series is a group of topographic or thematic maps or charts usually having the same scale and cartographic specifications, and with each sheet appropriately identified by its publisher as belonging to the same series.

Complementing this collection I have generated another one at 100.000 escale and a set of murals 2x3 meters for every commutiny in Nunavik.

All these maps are available at:

Here is a sample:

Inuit Place Names Map Series of Nunavik

This map series is based upon information collected through interviews with Nunavik land users, and with the important contribution of the elders, as well as Ludger Müller-Wille, Bernard Saladind’Anglure, Helen Oweetaluktuk, Johnny Palliser and Nicolas Pirti-Duplessis. This work was supported financially by Makivik Corportation, the Nunavik Landholding Corporation Association and Air Inuit.

The topographic information has been obtained from the Natural Resources Canada site, and it is subject to the Open Government Licence – Canada.

Elevation contours and hillshade were generated from de CDEM, also several vector layers symbology has been changed to achieve the desired look.

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