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As a geologist working in mineral exploration long ago I went on many expeditions myself and I know how important is to have detailed accurate information at a glance.

Now I'm working with archaeologists, biologists, meteorologists....most expeditions are very similar, whether you are riding a horse or on a boat in the middle of a storm, you will need a map containing all the information that matters, easy to fold, to read in difficult conditions. 

The scale, colours, thickness of the lines, coordinates grid..., everything must be designed to be used on the field.

Custom map for archaeology field work

I will help you to prepare your fiel dtrip, including:

  • A GIS database with a very detailed and accurate topographic background.

  • Add your information of interest.

  • A set of maps to be printed in water resistant paper and taken to the field.

  • Create a PDF version of the maps to be used on a GPS App Offline - (no need for mobile sign).

  • Create Apps to be used in mobile devices, with dinamic synchronized data updated life:

App for GPS maps for expeditions

Visit the Field Maps section to know more about this amazing tool.


Tell me about your next adventure, where, when and why.


Tell me what kind of information you have, what do you need me to find. Y you wouldn't believe the amount of scientific information available in hundreds of public servers all over the world. 

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