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Decorative maps

Available Maps
from the map store

You can choose one of the 9 colour combinations for a wide variety of places that are already done.

We offer 4 North American standard sizes, here you have the correspondence with IKEA frames:

Custom map of Montreal

Canada-USA Sizes

12" x 16"

16" x 20"

16" x 20"

18" x 24"

24" x 36"

IKEA Frames

40 x 50 cm (P)

40 x 50 cm

50 x 70 cm (P)

(no correspondence)

61 x 92 cm

Custom Map
for your favourite place

Custom map of your favourite place

From C$79.00

Free Shipping

I will make the map of your favourite place! 

I will send you a draft of the map before printing.

If you need special dimensions, just let me know.

Most popular is 16" x 20", perfect size for a home office, a bedroom, even a bathroom!

For 18"x 24" it is a very commonly used size in North America, not possible to find a frame in IKEA but very easy to to find beautiful frames at local stores like Michaels.

P = with pasepartout​ stamp

Only 18" x 24"

Custom maps for murals

custom map for decorative murals

Custom map wallpaper for interior decoration.

The main lobby in a hotel,

A real estate agency reception,

The big meeting room in a fancy office.

A retail store, 

Big mansions....,


So many places where a big mural will look amazing.


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