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Custom Maps
G.I.S. Services

Custom Maps

Custom Maps

Maps for publications

custom map for a back cover on a book

Maps will provide the context necessary for your readers to quicky comprehend the information you are giving them.

  • Custom maps for Scientific publications

  • Custom maps for magazine articles,

  • Custom maps for authors of fiction, non fiction or e-books.

  • Custom map for travel guides,

  • Thematic posters and infographics, etc..

Maps for outdoor activities

Bike ride on the mountain

My absolute favourite, making custom maps for parks, recreational areas, sports guides, sporting events, races...


Take a look at the bike routes in the Canton de l'Est, Ultra trail CHIC-CHOCS and much more!

Decorative Maps

Custom decorative map framed

The most beautiful collection of decorative maps, original designs & vibrant colours.


Big cities, small towns, islands or lakes...

your favourite place might be already available in the Shop Online!

If not... I will make it.

Digital Maps

Digital maps - PNG - PDF - Illustrator 

Vector custom map for digital uses

Custom maps in digital formas with different levels of flexibility.

With JPG or PNG as a raster file, you will be able to crop and resize (downsize) the image, not much more than that, but enough to be printed on domestic printers for flyers, use it as a banner for your website, or in PowerPoint presentations.

PDF offers a few more options such as zoom in without losing resolution (pixelation) and turn on and off some of the layers.

Illustrator  as a vector format will give you the absolute control on the content of your map, you can use the background as it is or change colours, add shadows and then keep updated your proprietary data stored on separate layers, you can turn on and off as you need. Then export to all kinds of digital formats or to be printed on all types of supports.

G.I.S. Services

G.I.S. Services

Mining & Mineral exploration

3D geological modeling

I am a Geologist, with a Master's degree in Geographical Information System Projects Direction.

I offer these services:

  • Basic and advanced exploration project GIS database implementation.

  • Drill-holes campaign display in 3D with Target for ArcGIS Pro plus preliminary resources estimation.

  • Historical data processing.

  • Planimetry.

  • E-learning platform for onsite training. 


Man looking at a custom map for expeditions

I will help you to prepare your field trip, including:

  • A GIS database with a very detailed and accurate topographic background.

  • Add your information of interest.

  • A set of maps to be printed in water resistant paper and taken to the field.

  • Create a PDF version of the maps to be used on a GPS App Offline - (no need for mobile sign).

  • Create Apps to be used in mobile devices, with dynamic synchronized data updated life.

E-learning platform for internal training implementation

e-learning drawing of a teacher and a student

I owned, directed, and performed as an active teacher at the e-learning platform AulaSIG teaching GIS for geology and mining mainly, not only for individuals but for important corporations like Peñoles or Golden Associates.


Using Evolmind, a robust but simple LMS platform,

I will implement your own training center for your employees.

Web Maps & Mobile Apps

Web Map of the world
Smartphone with custom map app for field work

Create impressive, dynamic maps, with live updated information for your website, either for public or private purposes.

A Web Map is a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution. Use it to make maps, analyze data, and to share and collaborate. Get access to workflow specific apps, maps and data from around the globe, and tools for being mobile in the field.

Printing Services

Printing Services

Large format printing

Large format plotter for printing services

Common uses of this service include:

Interior decoration.

Architectural & Building Plan printing.

Engineering, water, structural & electrical plans.

Security, perimeter & fencing plans, etc.

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